Refreshed by You

“Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the saints.” Philemon 1:7(NIV)

When I was a little girl, we took a trip to California. Our drive led us through the Nevada desert. I remember how sweltering hot it was during the day and how freezing cold it became at night. The car didn’t have an air conditioner or a heater, so we felt the extremes of both.

We seemed to be traveling an endless road with nowhere to stop. No restaurants, no gas stations, no hotels, no Zippy Marts. Nothing. Just a dry desert. When all of a sudden, in the hazy distance, we spotted what appeared to be a gas station. In the middle of nowhere, it stood out like an oasis and we couldn’t wait to get there.

We pulled into the seemingly abandoned building and waited to see if there was anyone there. An old man flung the door open wide, welcomed us and began pumping our gas, cleaning our windshields and talking a mile a minute.

We made our way up the steps of the building and began to open the door. The cold air brought a smile to our faces. We loitered there for about thirty minutes, buying peanut brittle and bubble gum and looking for anything else we could find to extend our time there. We didn’t want to leave, but it was time.

We said good-bye to the nice man who had invited us into his world and allowed his gas station to become a temporary refuge for our little family. We left refreshed and ready to make the last leg of our trip, thankful for that oasis in the desert.

Everyday, we have the opportunity to speak life into someone else’s life, to encourage them, to be an oasis in the desert places of their lives, to be a blanket of warmth in the cold, dark circumstances of someone’s world. Let the words you speak and the things you do be something that makes others want to linger.

Today, ask the Lord to give you an opportunity to refresh someone’s soul, to help someone in need, to respond with love to someone’s situation. Be an oasis in someone’s life today.

Perhaps you need to be refreshed. Saturate yourself in the oasis of God’s Word. Bask in the beauty of His presence. Find a friend who will pray for you, who will pray with you, who you know will refresh you with her words.

Do you need an oasis of prayer? I’d be honored to pray for you as you face a dessert place in your life.
How can you be a refreshing oasis for someone else today? Give us some practical advice. Share your story.

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  1. Hi Stephanie~
    I just wanted to let you know how much I praise God for sending me to you and your sight!! Your stories are just what I need and sometimes I feel like I am drowning in my world. If you would pray for me on a couple of things, it would mean so much. We are dryland wheat farmers and have been for over 100 years. My husband Bill and I have been married for 39 years in Aug. and have 2 boys, Chris 36 and Justin 30 married to Amanda and have two beautiful girls, Macey 7 and Sydnee 3. We all farm together. This year our wheat looked the best it has been in years. The wheat on our pivot was beyond what we have ever grown. However, 6 times we were hailed on and have lost 1/2 of our crops. This was going to be the year we could finally say we were on our way to fianlly able to get things paid off. Well, that isn't going to happen and with harvest 2 weeks away, we don't know if what we get will even get us through till next July to live on….My husband Bill has been sober now for 2 years in Oct. and has slipped a little and this has scared me and my kids. So, I can share with you that I am not doing well with all of this and Bill is also stuggling. He wants to go into Ministry, and we all are so proud of him. I guess what I need prayers for is to really trust that God will see us through this. Also, that my Arbonne business will start growing again so that will be our means of living. Arbonne has always been our extra fun money and then for 2 years I have not worked at it as much and now I need too. We need this income and I need Bill to finally be open to Arbonne and not against it….

    Would you pray for all of us?


  2. Sherry,
    I am overwhelmed and extremely grateful that the Lord is using this blog for His glory and for your encouragement. I don't think I could receive a better complement than to be told God used me in your life.

    I count it an honor to pray for you, for your family, for your farm, for you husband, for the possible move into the ministry and for your home business. I want you to know I have been on my knees in intercession for you and every prayer request you mentioned. Our heavenly Father sees you, He knows what you're going through and He has promised to never leave you or forsake. I pray He will make Himself know to you in way you would never have imagined. I pray He will do exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think for you and your family. I pray that He will provide the finances your family needs to get through beyond next July. He is able, dear one. Stay faithful, hold on and trust Him!

  3. Such a lovely word picture you've created. I could feel that cool air drawing you into the little gas station!

    Thank you for being an oasis in my crazy days.


  4. Hi Stephanie –

    I love this post. The thought of being a refuge, a refreshment to another person is humbling.

    Susan πŸ™‚

  5. Jean – Thanks so much for the sweet words! Funny how sometimes we need an oasis and other times we need to be an oasis for others.
    Thanks for being one for me today! πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Susan,
    I've missed emailing back and forth. I read your blogs and I know you are one busy woman! Thanks for popping in. I pray I'll always be a source of refreshment for you, my sister! I know you are for me! πŸ™‚

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