Parenting from the Overflow – By Teri Lynne Underwood

Good Monday morning ladies! I hope you had an uber great weekend! I know I sure did! Crazy busy, but very blessed. We had an awesome small groups rally at church. My hubby preached all three service and I loved seeing God work in and through him like that.

I also picked up my birthmom from the airport and will have the privilege of having her here for a month! God is so amazing! Beauty from ashes, sweet friends….beauty from ashes!

Finally, I was honored to speak at a homeless shelter Sunday night and see God work on the hearts of that beautiful group of people. Wow! God He really does exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ask or think!


Well, enough of me, I really am very excited about sharing something very special from someone very special. My friend, Teri Lynne Underwood has written another book that I think will really speak to the heart of every mother and grandmother that reads this post.

I love Teri Lynne’s heart for Jesus and her heart to minister to women! I could go on and on about her, but I figure I’ll give you more time to dive in and learn more about her new book. Please take the time to read through this post and then pop over and purchase your own copy of Parenting from the Overflow.

Parenting from the Overflow
In other words, having kids isn’t about us – it’s about Him.  We are called to bear and raise children for the glory of God. ~ Gary Thomas, Sacred Parenting

Accepting this premise as true, I realized that in order to “bear and raise [my child] for the glory of God” I need to be living my life to that same end.    Over the past eleven years of parenting an amazing daughter, I’ve learned many lessons about me and my relationship with Christ.   Time and again I’ve been reminded how inadequate I am for this task of parenting and how raising a child for God’s glory demands more than I can ever do on my own.

And so, like generations of mothers before me, I’ve found myself pouring out my heart to the Lord, begging for His wisdom and direction.    Storing up the treasures of His Word, counting the daily graces He extends, and learning to walk beside Him – not ahead of Him, ahem – has given me a perspective about parenting that I desperately needed.  He’s shown me that she, my precious girl, can only receive what overflows from me.   I can’t give her what I don’t have.

Parenting from the Overflow is the result of years of learning this simple truth:  I parent best when I remember I am a child of God first. Sitting at His feet, growing in His grace, and walking in His steps are what give me the strength and grace and wisdom I need to raise my girl for His glory.   Outside of that, nothing I do will ever accomplish that noble task.

Will you join me? Each chapter of this book offers you insight into a different aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit {Galatians 5:22-23}, a verse to memorize, activities to share with your child, and exercises for your own heart and spiritual growth.

Every bit of the proceeds from this first edition of Parenting from the Overflow goes to The Mercy House, an incredible ministry to pregnant young ladies in Kenya birthed from the heart of Kristen Welch, writer of We are THAT Family.

Let’s parent from the overflow together, shall we?

You can learn more about this eBook and Teri Lynne’s heart for encouraging mommas on the Parenting from the Overflow website … For only $5, you can download the eBook and begin your journey of parenting from the overflow of God’s work in your life.

Teri Lynne’s Bio:
Teri Lynne writes from her home in south Georgia in between driving the taxi for her 11-year-old daughter and helping her pastor-husband however he requests. She describes herself as a girl who longs to connect the hearts of women with the heart of God. She writes daily at Teri Lynne Underwood: Encouraging Lives Where the Sacred and Secular Collide. In May 2011 she released the eBook, Parenting from the Overflow, which inspires moms to parent out of the abundance of their relationship with God. You can find more information about her book on the Parenting from the Overflow website. And, of course, she’s on Twitter and Facebook!

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