Y’all Say Happy Birthday to DJ

I love being a mom! And I’ve enjoyed every season of my kid’s lives.

Yesterday we celebrated our youngest son’s birthday and I’m feeling joyfully weepy. So, I know you empty nesters out there whose hearts simultaneously smile and cry every time you reminisce about years gone by will understand that I just have to take a little trip down memory lane with my boy as we celebrate his birthday.

24 years ago…

I got in the car, took my last pregnant picture and headed to the hospital to welcome my newborn baby into the world

I sat in the hospital room waiting for them to get me prepped for a c-section and so excited about seeing my 2nd born boy

I laughed as my husband sat beside me during the surgery while listening to the doctors talk about the Laker’s game

I heard the doctors say, “He’s here. Daddy do you want to take a picture and cut the cord?”

I held my sweet little boy for the first time and knew I would love him forever

I felt the fresh joy of mommyhood for the 2nd time

My mind raced through a myriad of hopes and dreams I had for that precious bundle of joy

I became DJ’s mom

DJ is uber talented. He’s a singer/songwriter, guitar player, graphics and computer guy who loves to analyze everything. He’s funny as all get out and makes me laugh ’til I cry. (I’m sure the picture gives you a little glimpse into our crazy, silly world) And I’m so thankful the Lord has given me the privilege to be his mom.

I can’t wait to see how God is going to use him to turn this world upside down for Christ!

We moms never stop being moms. Whether they’re 10 or 20, we love them the same.

I remember recently telling a friend that I wish someone would have told me you have to give them away after you’ve raised them. And while I miss hearing them open the refrigerator door in the middle of the night – and taking care of them when they don’t feel good – and tucking them in bed with a kiss and a prayer – and laughing at stupid stuff together…I enjoy watching the boys I was so blessed to raise become men finding their own way in life.

So, yesterday we celebrated DJ’s 24th birthday! How thankful I am that God gifted us with such a blessing wrapped in a baby we named DJ (well, his name is Donald Jr. – but we call him DJ)!

So, y’all say Happy Birthday to DJ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tell me about your kids. What do you love most about being a mom? Are your children grown or still at home?


  1. Only a momma's heart can tear up over post like yours Stephanie. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have three teenagers. My oldest son, Jordan, just graduated from High school. When he went into Kindergarten most of the other moms stood outside the classroom door crying or fighting back tears. Not me. I had to fight back my giggles watching them get so emotional over releasing their babies into the world of school. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Perhaps for me, I was excited for the momentary break since I had two active toddlers at home. But, as my son prepared to graduate from HS I became that very mom fighting back the tears practically on a daily basis, from his first day of 12th grade to his graduation night. This was the one milestone in his life that gave way to a physical tinge of pain. YET …3 John 1:4 is at the heart of this mom: “I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk in truth.” Jordan is a leader of leaders. He is a gifted worship leader, leading chapel services and youth groups, and youth camps, and even leading worship on three different Continents the summer he turned 16. As his biggest cheerleader, I tell him, “You could give concerts one day.” To which he quickly chides his mom with, “Mom, I don't want to perform. I simply want to lead others into an intimate worship experience.”

    Well … I guess I gushed enough. Thank you for your post and indulging us moms into sharing about our gifts from God.

  2. Happy Birthday DJ!! Hope you have a great day! Nothing can replace the feeling of being a Mom! I have 2 grown daughters, both married, and one has blessed me with 2 grandsons. I am very blessed because we all live relatively close to each other, but still regret that we do not spend enough “girl” time together!! It is hard for me to realize that they have lives of their own and I still want them in the middle of mine!!

  3. I know what you mean Stephanie! Having your kids grow up is sometimes hard. I have two grown kids–one half-way around the world and one right at home. My daughter is married and has two kids–they live in China. My son graduated from college, but is still living at home looking for work.

  4. Shelly ~ You just made me cry more! 3 John 1:4 is the consistent prayer of this mother's heart too!
    Children certainly are such a blessing! THANKS so much for sharing about your three teens! Sharing the mommy tears from Jax to Orlando with you sweet friend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Kelly ~ I love the way you said, “It's hard for me to realize that they have lives of their own and I still want them in the middle of mine!!” LOVE THAT! ME TOO!

    Thanks for popping in and saying Happy Birthday do to my boy!

  6. Sharla ~ China! Wow! That is a long way away! I've been praying about gathering a group of women Bible teachers and going there to minister along side of a friend of mine for a week!

    Children are such a blessing, but it certainly isn't easy when they grow up! At least not on a mommy's heart!

  7. Loved your post, Stephanie!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DJ! You're a lucky young man to have such a special mom! Make her proud! Follow God with all your heart and you will always do what is right! Blessings to you!

  8. Lynn ~ Thank you so much for popping in a wishing my boy a happy birthday! Love your encouraging words too! Makes my momma's heart smile! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. We have similar sons, Congrats! Happy Birthday DJ, my son, Louie loves making the same face in every photo

  10. Martha ~ Thanks so much for popping in and saying happy birthday to DJ! My hubby does the same thing! I have such a hard time getting a decent picture for my family!

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