Fatal Distractions

We all know texting while driving is a dangerous distraction – even a fatal one. But as daughters of the King, we can often be drastically distracted from our position, calling and responsibilities and kill our God-given dreams.

I remember watching the Princess Diaries (one of my favs!) and thinking, “She was a princess and she never even realized it.”

You see, Mia had been born into a royal family and by nature of that birth, she was a princess from day one. The only problem is, she never walked in who she was until she came to grips with her position, her calling and her responsibilities.

Even after she was made aware of who she was, she didn’t own her identity until she was willing to become who she was created to be.

After finding out she was a princess, she spent a lot of time trying to figure out if she was ready to step into the role that was hers regardless of her decision.

She had a calling on her life but the distractions almost destroyed her destiny.

What about her past?

What about her future?

What about her inabilities?

What about the ceaseless responsibilities?

Like texting, these distractions may or may not be fatal – but they always take our focus off of what matters most.

When we look in the rear view mirror of our lives and allow our hearts to stay there – we can’t move forward in our journey to becoming who we were created to be.

A fatal distraction? Well, if we consider that we’ll lose ground and never fulfill our God-given dreams and God-ordained roles, then we have to admit that looking back can kill our potential.

When we worry about what the future holds, fear becomes our focus and we become hesitant to take the next step toward the goal. What may only be a few laps away becomes a long distance dream.

A fatal distraction? When we focus on our future instead of on our God, we can kill our calling because it may seem too unattainable, too inconvenient or too far away to reach.

The same is true when our attention is on our own abilities or lack thereof. Or when our focus is on the grandness of the call and the ceaseless responsibilities of it all. Dreams are shattered and destinies die when we set our sights on the temporary instead of the eternal.

Goals go by the wayside and visions are dimmed when we’re distracted by the dailies of life – the stacks of dishes and piles of laundry that relentlessly call our names – the bills, bad health and difficult days and discouraging circumstances. It’s not that the distractions aren’t real, because we all know they are…it’s just that they cannot be our primary focus if we are ever going to step into who we were created to be.

May we never allow distractions to deaden our God-given dreams! May we come to grips with who God created us to be! May we see ourselves as daughters of the King, children of the Most High God! May we walk in who we are today and every day, for His honor and His glory!

Like Paul told Timothy, may we fulfill our ministries! (2 Timothy 4:5)

Have you allowed anything to kill your God-given dreams or distract you from what matters most!


  1. Stephanie,

    So I was absolutely in tears reading this. Because I have let “fatal distractions” get in the way of fulfilling God's call for me. Although I have surrendered alot of those, there are still those that remain, that have latched on like a leach. I really needed to read this today, for reassurance that God is still working on me, through me, and for me. I know I will be a conquerer of these “fatal distractions” so that I can live the FULL GOD-GIVEN DREAMS that he intended for me.


  2. Hi Amanda! I know God has great things in store for you and I love your heart to desire AND pursue His plan for your life. Praying for you and you become who you were created to be1 -)

  3. Thank you Stephanie! For being and encouraging prayer warrior for me and my life.

  4. Stephanie, this just sounds like a great title for a book that needs to be written in our day, more than ever! What a great reminder.

  5. Julie ~ You just got the wheels of my heart spinning on chapter titles! Hmmm! 🙂 Love ya!

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