Beauty from Ashes – Examining Eve’s Loss

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Today we’re going to continue in our series, From Broken to Beautiful, as we examine God’s grace in the midst of Eve’s tragic loss.

Separation from God may have been the worst tragedy the first couple would ever experience, but it certainly wasn’t the only one.

Just on the heels of the fall of man and the typological expression of our redemption by a blood sacrifice, we find the birth of two beautiful baby boys. It was Eve who named her firstborn Cain (Possession).

In Genesis 4:1, Eve may have expressed an acknowledgment of the Creator, but her newborn’s name exposed her heart. He was her possession.

“Adam and Eve had a son. Then Eve said, “I’ll name him Cain
because I got him with the help of the LORD.” Genesis 4:1
I’m a mom. I get that! But whether I get it or not doesn’t mean it’s right. God gives us a mother’s heart. But it is God who gives us the children to have a heart for in the first place. They are not only His creation, but they are also His possession – not ours.
In Genesis 4:2 (Amplified), we find these words… “And [next] she gave birth to his brother Abel.”

Not her son…but ‘his’ brother. Cain’s brother. Her possession’s brother. No mention of God. Not a word of the handiwork of the Master Creator – Abel (breath) was Cain’s possession – his brother.

Abel’s name means breath. It finds its root in the Hebrew word vanity. I can’t help but wonder if Cain was a momma’s boy – her favorite son. Yet, it was Abel who served God well and Cain who broke his momma’s heart.
‘Favorites’ don’t always mean best.
How many mother’s pray for their children to walk in the truth – to serve the Living God from the overflow of their relationship with Him? Her possession struggled with pride. His possession did not.
Abel may have seemed like a vain breath to his brother, but he had a heart to please God. Something Cain did not. Cain brought the work of his own hands…a vain attempt to please the Lord. Perhaps it was Cain who should have been named, “Vain” instead of Abel.
In a cold, calculated plan, Cain ended the source of his sibling rivalry. What he didn’t realize was that with one swipe of the sword, he also ended his freedom to dwell with his family as well as his potential relationship with the Living God.
Perhaps we’ve never thought about it from a mother’s perspective, but in a moment of time, Eve lost both sons. One, at the hand of her beloved son – the other at the hand of the Creator of the Universe. One was unjustifiable – the other was the just judgment of the Great I Am.
The Bible is silent about her response, but make no mistake about it, she had a momma’s heart that ached at the loss of both of her boys. How could she go on when her world had just been turned upside down? How does a mother deal with the death of one child and the murderous heart of another?
What does a mother do when her whole world crumbles in on her and all she’s left with are the ashes of what once was?
Genesis 4:25-26 tells us,

“And Adam knew his wife again, and she bore a son and called his name Seth, for she said, “God has appointed for me another offspring instead of Abel, for Cain killed him.” To Seth also a son was born, and he called his name Enosh. At that time people began to call upon the name of the LORD.”

God began to make beauty out the ashes of Eve’s life when she conceived Seth. Seth means compensation. He was her compensation for her loss. Funny how biblical names can be so telling, isn’t it.

But more important than a son to compensate for her loss was the legacy that would follow. At that time people began to call upon the name of the LORD! Her family, which once difined the word dysfunctional, now would be distinguished as the ones who would begin calling on the name of the Lord.

As mothers, we have no greater joy than to see our children walk in truth. The beauty of seeing her children calling upon the name of the Lord may not have ever erased the pain of her loss, but it certainly was an obvious act by the Living God to extend grace to her hurting heart and bring beauty out of her ashes.

Today, you may be in the midst of your own ash heap. Maybe you’re a momma who is praying for her prodigal. Perhaps you have a child in prison or one who has a terminal illness. You may not be able to see the beauty that will one day be yours…but our God delights in making beauty out of the ashes of our lives.

We just have to give the ashes to Him and wait for His healing hand to move in our midst.

He did it for Eve. He did it for those who have gone before us. He will do it for you, sweet friend. Hold on…He will do it for you!

Are you going through a difficult time? Can I have the honor of praying for you?


  1. Thank you for this Stephanie, and thank you for allowing God to use you! I would treasure your prayers right now. I am in the 11th hour of some pretty dark circumstances. I'm choosing to trust HIM with every fiber of my being. Choosing to trust Him though, doesn't mean I don't hurt and at times cry it out (some days A LOT!), but it does mean that I'm holding on to Him with everything I have. Knowing a few godly friends are talking to my Father for me gives me some sweet comfort and encouragement.

  2. Beautiful and insightful, Stephanie. As always!

    Shelly, I'm saying a prayer for you, dear one!

    Blessings to you both!

  3. Thank you for this timely post Stephanie! He does extend his grace, even in the waiting for prayers to come to fruition! Have a blessed weekend:)

  4. Shelly ~ Please know I'm praying you up! I was sitting with a group of women the other night and everyone was being real and raw. Every single one of them was going through some very difficult days! So many are hurting right now and the circumstances are real and painful.

    I'm praying with you and for you, my friend! You are always such an encouragement and I love how you live out loud for Jesus…even in the midst of our own terrible trials.

    You are definitely in my heart and in my prayers, sweet friend!

  5. Lynn ~ Thanks so much for your encouraging words! And I'm so thankful you are joining in prayer for Shelly!

    I love how cyberspace connects us and gives us an opportunity to pray for one another!

    Love ya, my friend! 🙂

  6. Marci ~ You are so right! His grace is as real as our waiting room experience! Praying with you and for you, girlfriend! 🙂

  7. Thank you Stephanie for your sweet encouragement, and most of all for your prayers. I love you already, Steph. And thank you also, Lynn for your prayers. That's priceless to me.

  8. Shelly ~ Don't you just love Lynn? Have y'all met yet? I always tell her she's the sweetest friend I've never met! She really is! Check out her site if you get a chance…I know y'all will love each other!

  9. Stephanie, I haven't met Lynn, but, I will certainly check out her site. 😉

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