When Thanksgiving is Hard

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Happy won’t describe everyone’s Thanksgiving this year. Empty chairs at the table and broken hearts and lives will be the reality for many.
Life isn’t always as festive as a Thanksgiving Day Parade with family, fun and floats. Especially when you’re head-long in the middle of a painful place.
Perhaps this year you’ve lost a loved one. Maybe your mom, your dad, your spouse or even your child. Perhaps you’ve just received some sort of life-altering, heart-breaking news that has rocked your world and left you completely confused. Maybe you’ve gone through a divorce, lost your job, lost your home or lost your way.
I’m not sure what you may be going through, but I want you to know that amidst all the wonderful Happy Thanksgiving greetings, you are not forgotten. You are not alone in your sorrow. You are not left to figure this out by yourself.
God sees you. He hears the cry of your heart. He loves you with an everlasting love and nothing can separate you from that love.
For those who are grieving or who are suffering loss, loneliness, sickness or confusion – please let Jesus bring comfort to your heart.

Isaiah 61:1-3 tells us the Father sent Jesus to heal the brokenhearted, to set the captives free, to comfort those who mourn, to give us beauty for ashes, to give us joy in place of mourning, to clothe us with praise and remove the spirit of heaviness, to make us strong like a tree of righteousness…all that He may be glorified.

We all walk through tragic circumstances and painful places. We all get depressed. And while it’s okay to go there, it’s equally tragic to stay there.
It may be too fresh now. Perhaps you’re still in the grips of grief. But my prayer for you today is that you will let our precious Savior heal your broken heart. 
Healing doesn’t usually take place over night. Give yourself time to heal and let God peel back each layer of pain one day at a time. Soon you will be able to see through your circumstances and learn to laugh again.
So rest in the promise of His healing, sweet friend. He really does make beauty out of ashes!
If this Holiday season is going to be a difficult one and you’d like someone to pray for you, please leave a prayer request in the comment section. I’d be honored to pray for you and with you.


  1. Dear Stephanie,

    Thank you so much for remembering those of us who are trying to get through this day without tears.

    My adult son is an alcoholic, and I don't even know where he is today. I don't know if he has shelter, or if he is on the streets. Please pray for him – his name is Nick.

    My sister seems to be keeping a distance from me, even though she lives closeby, so I won't be seeing her today. My parents are deceased, and I miss them terribly. My oldest and dearest friend has moved across the country.

    I am blessed to have my husband with me, but I am all too aware that my family has dwindled down to my husband and I.

    Bless you for your sensitivity –

  2. Janet ~ Thank you so much for being so transparent! Your words brought tears to my eyes! No mother should have to wonder where there son is! I'm joining you in prayer for Nick and for you and your hubby! And I'm praying for your sister, as well!

    Today, I was thinking about how those treasured traditions we worked so hard to establish are ofte completely different when our children become adults.

    I know you are thankful you and your hubby have each other, but I also know that until you know your son is safe and sound, your heart will hurt. I'm praying Nick will be set free from the bondage of alcohol and you will have the joy of seeing him walk in the Truth very soon!

  3. To Janet … I am moved by your words. Understandably you are experiencing a profound sadness and grief over what you had and what you long for it still to be (son, sister & best friend). I'm praying for you tonight, and for your son, Nick. Praying for his safety, provision and healing (physical & spiritual).

    And Stephanie, as always, I LOVE your sensitivity and heart toward women. I know too that you speak from a your own deep well of experience. Much love and prayers to you Steph. And … Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Shelly ~ I'm so thankful for your sincere heart of ministry to see someone else's hurt and love on them. Even if it's through cyberspace!

    And thank you for your encouraging words! Your own journey through the valley gives you your own well to draw from an it shows in the way you love so well and comfort so sweetly!

    I love you dear friend and can't wait to meet you in real life one day – SOON I hope! 🙂

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