Becoming You – The Battlefield of the Mind (Lesson 5)

Land mines. They are purposely placed destroyers carefully positioned in unsuspecting areas where the enemy knows he will do the most damage.

Sounds much like the fiery darts the enemy of our souls hurls our way. Seeds of doubt, fear and failure meant to stop us in our tracks. He knows that as long as we are wounded in the fight we won’t be able to take the front lines of our future.

Today, in your Bible study, you were given a chart of obstacles (land mines, if you will) that are obstacles in our journey to becoming who we were created to be. Land mines meant to destroy us. Some were cleverly concealed there by the enemy, others have been tucked deeply in our hearts from painful past experiences or self-concieved limitations or fears.

All impede our progress on the path to our God-given destinies.

Take time to go through the list and examine your life under the lens of who you really are…who you believe God is calling you to be and what it is that is hindering your efforts. It may be something as simple as the daily distractions of life.

How can you stay focused on your future when today calls for your attention?

Whether it is the distractions of your dailies or fears and failures that are stopping you in your tracks…go ahead and list whatever it is that is keeping you from moving forward.

Remember, we are in a war. A war with the world, the enemy and our flesh. Yet we are also more than conquerors through Christ. The disparity is not in who we are but in whether we walk in the victory Jesus died to give us.

So, make a list of the bombs going off in your life…the obstacles thrown in your path…the distractions you deal with…the thoughts that hinder you from taking the next step. 

Then on Monday, we are going to begin devising a plan for making progress. I want to prepare you, sweet friends, it may get a little messy before we’re through, but you will definitely begin making some headway to becoming who you were created to be.

I’d love to hear from you. What have you learned about yourself so far in this journey?


  1. I needed this message today, Stephanie!! My mind is whirling with all the things I need to do and I am having trouble focusing on the next thing. I am preparing retreat talks for this spring, a women's Sunday school class, sending out my ministry materials to local churches, planning my son't wedding in another state, working outside the home, and caring for my husband and home….and more.
    I need to be still and listen. I need to rebuke the fear that rises, saying I may not succeed.
    Thanks…and look forward to Monday's post.


  2. Jeanne ~ You and I seem to be living parallel lives – So busy we can't hardly catch our breath! The interesting thing is I don't see it slowing down much in the near future. Yet, I know what I'm doing is what I'm called to. There's an urgency in my heart…and so I keep going.

    Sounds like you are in the same season. I'm praying for you today, Jeanne! Praying for you to sense His peace and presence in an unmistakeable way as you tackle those ministry plans, teaching and speaking opportunities, wedding plans and work with wisdom, joy and peace. I pray that God will establish and reward the work of your hands and the faithfulness of your heart. I pray that you will find that sweet quiet place to be still even when your world is crazy busy right now!


  3. There is so many distractions out there! Some good and a LOT bad! Staying focused on Christ should be our goal but Satan likes nothing any better than to throw obstacles in our way! I have been amazed when I think about the things…little things and even what I would call good things…that Satan has used in my life to distract me from Jesus! Thanks for this lesson today. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Cindy ~ I've been struggling way too much with distractions lately! There are SO many things that vie for our attention! And thanks for reminding us that many times it's the good that keeps us from the best!

    Love you friend!

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