Becoming You – The Battlefield of the Mind (Lesson 5)

My husband and I often do what we call, “Get Connected” at our church. It’s how we welcome our guests, make some announcements and initiate a little meet and greet time. But the last couple of times we’ve done it, I’ve caught my foot on a cord behind the stage and tripped on my way out.

I can’t see it because it’s dark behind the stage. But it’s there. It trips me up on my way out to do what I’m supposed to be doing.

Real life is often like that.

You don’t see it. You don’t hear it. Most of the time you don’t even realize it exists. But there is a battle going on in the heavenlies. It’s a battle for the souls of men. It’s a war for our hearts, our future and our faith.

Today, we begin to peel back the layers of what the battle is all about and how to fight it well. We enter the war zone by our sheer existence. But winning a war we don’t understand and fighting a battle we can’t even see beckons us to do a little research before we end up wounded in the fight.

In lesson five, you are given a chart of some of the obstacles we face in our journey to becoming who we were created to be. Please be sure to examine that under the microscope of your own life. Identify your own obstacles so you can see what your areas of weakness are. Knowing your weaknesses enables you to work on them and surround yourself with those who are strong where you are not.

Gaining ground in our God-given destinies rarely comes easily. We’re often tripped up by that which we do not see. Hinderances that happen when we aren’t even aware they exist. Land mines in our pathway – obstacles in our journey to becoming who we were created to be and fiery darts in the form of wayward thoughts are discharged from the enemies arsenal in an effort to derail our God-given destinies.

And it all begins and ends in the mind.

Today, I’d like to show you a few verses that will broaden the scope of your study and give you a look at others who were hindered in their own journey.

Check out the following Scriptures and write the word that is common in each one:

Romans 1:13

Romans 14:22

1 Thessalonians 2:18

Hindrances happen every day. But as you study today’s lesson, be sure you figure out why. What road blocks are in the way of your future? What steps do you need to take to remove them?

Just recently, my heart and mind were riveted by the reality of God’s call on my life! I know what He is leading me to do, but to be honest, it’s knee-knocking, shaking-in-my-boots scary! If I let my mind focus on all that I fear, I’ll begin to stumble over the obstacle of fear and that will prevent me from making forward progress.

Life’s too short for that! We’ve got a world to reach! 

So, get busy, sweet friends! Identify your weaknesses. Examine the land mines in your life. Expose them and deal with them so that you can begin taking the front lines of your destiny! For you were born for such a time as this!

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