I Am With You – No Matter What!

Life is definitely not always easy. Storms happen and we sometimes feel alone in it all. But the truth for every believer is that we are never alone no matter how severe the storm.

His presence is not based on how we feel or what we think. He is with us and resting in that fact changes everything.

I know we all want the Lord to speak peace to our storms like He did for the boys on the boat two millenniums ago.

But He doesn’t always choose to do that. Sometimes He chooses to speak peace to our hearts in the midst of our storms. And other times He chooses to change our perspective about the storm.

This week, we’ve been able to see these scenarios lived out in real life on the pages of Scripture. I don’t know what you may be going through, sweet friend, but today, I want to encourage your heart that His presence also means His power to live as you should through the storm.

Because the fact that GOD IS WITH US changes everything!

He is with us to be our Strength when we are weak.

He is with us to be our Hope when our hope is gone.

He is with us to be our Light when we’re surrounded by darkness.

He is with us to be our Way when we aren’t sure where to go.

He is with us to be our Life when we feel like we’re dying inside.

He is with us to be our Truth when everything else seems like a lie.

He is with us to be our Defender when we’re too weak to fight.

He is with us to be our Deliverer when we’re held captive by our sin and our circumstances.

He is everything we need. He is all we need.

Yes, sometimes our circumstances may test our faith. Sometimes they may test our Character. But God is with us…and that is enough.

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