THANK YOU to the Women of 1st Baptist Kannapolis, NC

Yesterday was one of those days when I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. Yes… I know I’ve been writing about how God’s presence is enough (and it is) and I know I should be continually casting my cares on the Lord (and I was)… but sometimes life is hard.

I was in one of those places where I really needed to hear from God. Struggling with some stuff and looking for answers of the Divine kind. Ever been there?

Well, that’s exactly where I was yesterday until the Lord decided to hug me from heaven through some unexpected blessings tucked away in my mailbox.

That’s when everything changed.

You see, a sweet group of women from 1st Baptist Church in Kannapolis, North Carolina had just completed my Bible study on Ecclesiastes and sent me a package of cards from each of them! I didn’t even know they were going through the study but oh how they blessed me!

I couldn’t believe it! Speechless and tears streaming down my face, I read each one. Every word spoke to my heart and ministered to me right where I was. Words I needed to hear, spoken from hearts I didn’t even know.

It was like I was receiving a hug from my Father through the encouraging cards each precious woman wrote.

So, this post is to thank each woman who walked through my study on Ecclesiastes and chose to write a card that meant so much more than any of you could possibly know! Each card a treasure, each one of you treasured even more!

You bless me, sweet friends! And I’m so thankful for each of you!


  1. So sweet to be blessed by the Lord by His women. 🙂

    Love to you, friend!

  2. Julie ~ Each of those cards were such a sweet surprise and came at just the right time! Don't you just love how He loves us and how He uses His people to speak into our lives when we need it most!

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