The Family That Laughs Together…

I love to laugh. My family loves to laugh. We laugh at ourselves, at each other, at the dog, the bird and probably some things that no one else would think is funny.

Laughter is a healthy thing. It’s healthy for you physically and emotionally. It’s healthy for your family, for you friendships and even for your relationships at work.

Statistics show that one of the characteristics of a strong family is laughter.

Several weeks ago I wrote a post about it on The M.O.M. Initiative and I shared 10 ideas to help make your home a place where laughter fills the air.

Today, I’m talking about it on Moms Together and I hope you’ll pop over to The M.O.M. Initiative post and then join me in the conversation at Moms Together.

Life can be so hard. We get caught up in the stress of making ends meet, parenting our children and trying to find balance when we’re overworked and overwhelmed. Family and friends let us down, sickness strikes our homes, jobs are lost and bills are overdue, the laundry pile overfloweth and the pile of dishes continues to stack up in the sink.

We need to laugh.

Recently, I was sharing with a friend who was going through a difficult time that sometimes when I feel like that cloud is hovering heavily over my head that I get the goofiest movie I can find and just laugh. When life is hard, laughter can lighten the load, even if it’s only for a little bit.

So, I hope you’ll join us at Moms Together as we talk about the importance of laughter and how we can   make our homes a place where laughter fills the air.


  1. My daughter and I used to play games and laugh until tears rolled down our faces. I sure miss those times. On the rare occasions that our family is all together, the boys always reminisce and laugh like crazy. Laughter is a family's cement. Thanks, Stephanie!

  2. Laughter is the best medicine! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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