Controversial Christianity – Religion and Politics Don’t Mix

Well, I know it’s been a few weeks and I’ve missed y’all sweet friends, but ministry often takes us in different directions and keeps us super busy. I’ve been working hard on The M.O.M. Initiative and this little girl can only spread herself so thin before I’m completely ineffective.

Can anyone relate? 🙂

SO…let’s dive back into Controversial Christianity! And I think today’s post is a kind of ‘head-first-in-the-deep-end” kind of post.

I know that when I wrote about racism in the church, I thought that might be one of the most controversial posts I would write, but I have a feeling that today’s post will be a bit more stirring than that – especially in our political climate today.

My parents used to tell me that religion and politics don’t mix. In fact, they often said that there are two things people shouldn’t talk about in public. You guessed it…RELIGION…AND POLITICS.

I’m not sure when it all started but somewhere along the way, Christians have been told to sit down and shut up when it comes to politics. Perhaps it was for the sake of silencing their stance on certain issues, but whatever the purpose for the ploy, it  seemed to work…at least in part.

But what does the Bible say about the meshing of two? Are Christians supposed to be silent when it comes to politics? Does the Bible really say that Christians aren’t supposed to get involved in politics and governmental concerns?

Romans 13:1-7 tells us that rulers are ordained by God and we are to obey their leadership – but are we to be “INVOLVED” in politics?

To get to the point…it is not only biblically permitted that Christians be involved in the politics of the day, it is expected that we should.

When the Lord established Saul as the first king of Israel, it was not necessarily the people’s request for a king that was the problem. It was because they sought after a king without seeking His face first. They wanted to choose their own leader apart from God’s will and so they got exactly what they asked for and exactly what they deserved (1 Samuel 8-9).

Throughout Scripture, we find God’s people very much involved in the political scene. Here are just a few:

  • Joseph served Pharaoh (unwillingly, but yet he was faithful as a political leader) (Genesis 41)
  • Moses led God’s people out of slavery (Exodus 4)
  • Joshua led God’s people to establish the land (Joshua 10)
  • God led His people to set civil and moral laws (Exodus, Leviticus)
  • David consistently fought for the United Monarchy of Israel and Judah and yet he also led the people to worship the Lord (1 & 2 Samuel)
  • Nehemiah mixed politics with religion when he led the people to rebuild Jerusalem and re-establish Jewish law and religious practices (Nehemiah)
  • Esther called the people to pray for her as she sought to intervene for the Jewish people and prevent a massacre (Esther 4)
  • And though it is not our only role, it is our primary role to pray for our leaders. (1 Timothy 2)

The biblical list goes on an on. We are to be involved in the politics of our day. We are to make a difference. We are to be a voice.

Today, in a world where they are calling what is right, wrong and what is wrong, right, it is time to stand up and become a loud voice for righteousness. If righteousness exalts a nation, then unrighteousness will be its demise.

Often times they call what is wrong, right because we either are afraid to stand for what is right or because we voice the truth in a very judgmental and condescending tone and they reject what we are saying.

Today, we have a choice to make excuses for our silence or to be a voice of change.

For too long, we have quietly made excuses for not even discussing the desperate needs in our society to turn back to God. We allow politically correct activism to determine the direction of our nation instead of standing for what is right based on biblical truths.

Perhaps the fact that we are Christians will definitely call us to handle ourselves with integrity when we enter the political area and fight for what is right. But just because we refuse to get mean, nasty, ugly or violent does not mean we refuse to let our voice be heard.

And now, more than ever…IT IS TIME!

Does religion and politics mix. Absolutely! Politics without religion is devoid of wisdom, truth and justice. Politics without religion leads to the demise of a nation.

You may be one who doesn’t like to talk about politics, but it is very biblical sweet friend. It is very biblical.

What are your thoughts? Should Christians be involved in the political scene? How can Christians be a better voice than they have in the past?

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