The M.O.M. Initiative Giveaways & Full Time Ministry

Happy Monday, sweet friends! I know I’ve been missing in action for the past 2 weeks and I’m SO sorry, but I’ve been snowed under working on a big promotion for The M.O.M. Initiative and it has pretty much consumed most of my time.

Next week, I’ll get back on track with the Controversial Christianity series but I’d like to invite you to enter to win some of the GREAT GIFTS we are giving away at The M.O.M. Initiative this week.

Every day, we are giving away 3 great gifts and on Friday, 
we are giving away 3 great gifts AND a $100 Target gift card.

I wanted to be sure to give you precious things have a chance to get in on the fun and perhaps even win one of our great giveaways! Click here and pop over there and enter to win!


Many of you know I’ve been praying for a couple years about quitting my 9 to 5 so I could focus full time on ministry. Burning the candle at both ends was wearing this poor girl out!

Well,  the Lord has opened some amazing and unexplainable doors and I’m excited to be serving women in the Word through speaking, writing and The M.O.M. Initiative full time now.

One of the blessings is I no longer have to limit my speaking engagements, so I’m making myself available to book events for November and December of this year and I’d like to go ahead and fill the calendar up for next year.

I remember when we sold everything we had and went on the mission field. We knew we were supposed to go, but the details weren’t clear. It was kind of like stepping off the edge of a cliff but knowing God had called you to jump and trusting He would catch you as soon as your feet left the ledge.

This feels much like that.

I want to thank you SO much for all your love and support! You ladies bless me BIG TIME!

I covet your prayers as I enter this new season and I can’t wait to share with you how the Lord works in all of this!

Next week, we’ll be back on Controversial Christianity. We’ve got some important things to cover, so hang in there…we’ll be back in it.

In the mean time, join the fun at The M.O.M. Initiative!


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