Why Don’t We Do What Is Best for Us?


“Joyful are people of integrity,
    who follow the instructions of the Lord.
Joyful are those who obey his laws
    and search for him with all their hearts.
They do not compromise with evil,
    and they walk only in his paths.” Psalm 119:1-3

We all want to be happy. Right?

It’s the number one thing people reply with when someone asks them, “What do you want most?”

To be happy.

But happiness isn’t found in most of the places we go looking for it. We can’t discover happiness through much of what we do and don’t do.

God says we are happy when we walk in integrity and live according to His ways. It’s pretty simple really.

But how often do you see people living ungodly lives – not taking God’s will or His ways into account, yet still wondering why they aren’t happy?

It’s not possible to be happy when we’re deceptive because guilt will ravage our souls. It’s impossible to experience true happiness at the bottom of a bottle, in the bed of someone other than your spouse, at the top of the corporate ladder if you attained it by hurting others or manipulating circumstances, or when you’re so full of pride and disrespect that you don’t value others as you should.

If you’re a soul in search of happiness and you aren’t sure where to find it, look no farther than choosing to walk in the will and in the ways of the Lord.

We long to live full and happy lives, but why don’t we do what is best for us? 

Doesn’t it make sense that if we want to be happy and live fulfilled lives that we would do what is best for us…that we would…

  • To walk in integrity.
  • To live holy lives.
  • To follow God’s will and God’s ways.
  • To seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness.
  • To avoid evil and unrighteousness.
  • To make the Lord the object of our affection.



Yeah…these are the things that make for a happy life. Funny how we just don’t do what we should.

How about you? Have you found yourself looking for happiness in all the wrong places and all the wrong ways? Do you struggle with doing the wrong thing in your quest for happiness? What are some ways you make sure Jesus remains the Love of your life…the delight of your heart?

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  1. This post really hits a spot. My husband isn’t a Christian, isn’t sure what he believes in. One thing he has always maintained is that he just wants to be happy. Now, by rights, as the “shining example”of Christianity In our marriage, I should be showing him the way, but I am dealing with my own insecurities & issues so I’m not always a bundle of joy & can’t claim happiness.

    What I do know, and have shared with my husband, is that I have Someone to turn to in all areas of life – Someone to thank when good things happen or I see beauty in nature, hear good news, Someone to cast my worries upon, Someone to ask for help or at least help my attitude.

    If my husband was to look to me for an example of Godly happiness, I don’t think he’d see it – not sufficient to turn him to Christ because I’m an imperfect person.

    But the joy of The Lord is so much more than our understanding of happiness. I guess it’s the definition really that is important. You can be going through hard times, tough times, not laughing & smiling & feeling emotionalally uplifted BUT in your spirit, you can have the joy of The Lord deep down as you know your security is in Him.

    I totally agree that it’s in the Bible. God said it so it is Truth. I long for it to be so in my life, seeking the Lord & finding true joy – real happiness! It’s what I want for my husband too – to find that deep seated joy of bring in relationship withGod.

    Great post Stephanie, challenging & encouraging.

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