Women’s Ministries ~ Why They Are Important

friendships-RWomen’s ministry is seldom easy and sometimes even a little messy. Sounds a lot like life, huh?!

But women’s ministries are a strong, unifying component to a healthy church. They bring women together and provide opportunities for women to sharpen the spiritual gifts God has given them. Women’s ministries are key to making care happen well in a local body of believers. They are like the hands and feet of a local body that run to help those in need.

  • They are the feet that walk into the nursery and that hands that hold the babies while mommas are able to sit in a service and be strengthened by the Word of God.
  • They are the feet that walk to the hospital and the hands that hold a precious sister’s hand as she begins to pray with her right before she goes back for surgery.
  • They are the feet that run throughout the church in search of just the right decorations for the upcoming event and the hands that place those decorations in just the right place.
  • They are the feet that scurry to the supply closet to find the much needed paper towels for the bathroom and the hands that clean the sticky crushed peppermints on the hallway floor and the coffee spilled on the counter in the cafe.
  • They are the feet that hurry to welcome every new face that enters the doors of the church and the hands that reach out to hug them so they feel like they’re not just a visitor, but a part of the family.
  • They are the feet that rush to the nursing home to spend time with a lonely woman who needs to know someone cares and the hands that prepare a meal for those who would never be brave enough to ask for it, but need it nonetheless.

Women’s ministries aren’t just a peripheral part of the local church. They help each local body of believers love on each other well and minister to their community with the love of Jesus.

They unite women like nothing else can. They become a means by which women laugh together, cry together, pray together, grow together and strengthen one another.

I’m a woman who absolutely LOVES women’s ministries! Much of my time is spent relating to women’s ministry leaders who truly love the women in their local body and in their community.

Through the years, I’ve seen women’s ministries at their best and at their worst. But when women’s ministries function well, it’s a beautiful thing! And to be honest…there’s nothing like them!


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  1. Good stuff sister! Sharing this! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Currently we are doing a lot of the things you listed above. We have a Women on Mission group that does most of these things like visiting the elderly, helping others especially during funeral time, baby showers etc. I am usually in charge of the Ladies Brunch each year which includes getting a speaker and special music, but I also include supporting at least one ministry in a nearby church and giving to those in need like the pregnancy center, food pantry, or clothing ministry etc. What I would like to do, is extend this ministry on a bigger level and I need to know the how to get the finances to do so…our church is very small. Also, I like to write and would like to get a book published by next year. I also would like to know ways that we could ministry to Servicemen, Pastor’s Wives, and maybe, help those with cancer.

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