30 / 30 Challenge ~ Esther 5 – 6


It’s Thursday and it’s DAY 14 of our 30 / 30 Challenge. How are you doing with your daily dose of time with God, sweet friend? We need Him, ya know!

So, if you’re using the free download, click the link (Journal Your Way through the Word) and print it out and go grab your Bible, a pen and get your 30! 🙂


Wow! Esther 5 – 8 is the stuff great movies are made from and Hollywood ain’t got nothin’ on God’s Word. I know we’re only up to Esther 6, but this is so good I had to keep reading! How about you?

But Esther 5 – 6 sets the stage for an epic scene in which Haman’s cunning conspiracy was overthrown by a brave young woman who was willing to risk life and limb to save her people from certain death!

When you read through these chapters you can’t help but laugh at poor Haman. That guy didn’t have clue what he was about to go through.

First, he was humiliated when the king asked what he should do to honor the one he delights and he wound up placing the royal robe on the back of his enemy, Mordaci and being the one who lead him by horseback through the town where he was applauded and honored. And it was Haman who had to shout out, “THUS SHALL IT BE DONE TO THE MAN WHOM THE KING DELIGHTS TO HONOR!”

How’s that for a story line?! 🙂

And Esther knowing her hubby was a man who was a sucker for a good party, prayerfully and wisely plots a good party a plan that will turn Haman’s wicked scheme on its heels and the noose that he so arrogantly had made for Mordecai would become the noose that he would hang on himself.

And the people who plotted to kill the children of Israel would be the ones who would end up losing their lives.

Both of these chapters give us some great wisdom to live by:

1. God is always working behind the scenes of our lives for our good and His glory.

2. His timing is impecable.

3. Pride really does come before a fall.

4. Never think too highly of yourself.

5. Be courageous even when you’re knee-knocking scared to death.

6. Wait on God, be faithful to Him and His will and watch Him work.



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