Desires of a Desperate Heart



What are your greatest desires? What are the secret petitions tucked in your heart that you’re desperate to see God fulfill?

It’s not always easy to wait for our faith to be made sight. Those seasons of silence can last for what seems like a lifetime. But one of the keys to unlocking the answers to our prayers is that our deepest desire is not for what God can give us, not for what we can do for Him…but for Him alone.

The Lord is to be the passionate pursuit of our hearts and when HE is what our hearts desire, our longings will line up with His desires for us because they originate in the heart of God in the first place.

Today, what is your greatest desire? What you’ve been asking God for every day? What do you want to see Him do for you? For someone you love?

Be careful not to make that thing you desire more important than your desire for the Lord. Make HIM your magnificent obsession and He promises to give you the desires of your heart.

Desperate? Be desperate for Him. Make HIM the desire of your heart.

What are you desperate for?

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  1. Thank exactly what I needed! Blessings Stephanie

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