When My Heart Is Overwhelmed…and WOW, does it ever get overwhelmed!


I’ve been pretty overwhelmed lately. Not the kind of overwhelmed that makes you fall apart, but the kind that makes you want to drop back and punt…the kind that makes you rethink the way you spend all those sweet seconds that make up your day.

The kind of overwhelmed that leaves you looking for answers and wondering when God is going to show up and clearly define your next steps.

Have you ever been there?


Have you ever felt like you were running on empty? Or like you plate was overflowing? Or like the chaos in your life was just too much to deal with? Or like you wish you could take just one week to get away with God and be silent before Him?

When I’m overwhelmed, I find myself somewhere between courageous faith and cowering in the corner. One second, I’m trusting God for the impossible and the next, I’m crying out to God and wondering where He is.

Have you ever felt like that?

When my obstacles are big and my faith is small, I’m reminded of this amazing verse in Scripture that helps me overcome being overwhelmed.

When my heart is overwhelmed, I ask God to lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Not the rock that I can reach standing on my tippy toes…

not the rock I’m capable of climbing on my own…

not the rock that’s safe and easy, but the rock that I’m incapable of reaching on my own.

That God would not boost me to the unattainable and impossible, but that He would lead me right back to Jesus Christ, the Rock of my salvation…

the One who is my Overcomer in overcoming circumstance…

the One who leads me in the way to go when I can’t see the path before me…

the One whose burden is light and whose yoke is easy…

the One who speaks peace to my storms…

and the One who speaks peace to my heart in the midst of my storms.

He is my Rock, my Fortress, my Strong-tower. He is my very present help in times of trouble.

And He leads me to the place that I can’t get to on my own to prove to me once again, He is not only everything I need…He is ALL I need!



  1. I needed this today I started my day out with time spend with the Lord and even though I had things in my life I could not control I thought I had given them to him. And just a small piece of paper was the straw that broke the camels back. I found my self all to pieces. Thank you for being a friend that shares her heart, this has exhorted and lifted me up, a reminder to let Him be the one to climb the rock that I’m incapable of.

    • Hey Sis! Miss you! So glad this encouraged you! I needed it myself! So glad that Jesus can put the pieces of our lives back together again when we fall to pieces! Love you!

  2. I love how Jesus is the high rock we can climb on, even when the water rages around us. Thanks for your God-honoring post.

  3. Beautiful, sweet Stephanie! So encouraging! Praying for your overwhelmed heart!

  4. I love your picture! I was wondering if I could print it out and tape it into my Bible at this verse?

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