Making Photo Shoots Fun

I have a confession… I HATE photo shoots! I mean I REALLY HATE photo shoots. 

They leave you feeling very strange, awkward and un-natural.

I really don’t even like to have my picture taken. For years, I would avoid the camera and when people snapped a shot, I’d put my hand up and try to turn my face which ended up being the worst thing I could do since in each avoided pic, my face was freeze-framed in some strange contorted version of my desperate attempt to avoid the picture in the first place.

Yeah…it looked much worse than if I were to just simply smile.

And so that’s what I began to do. Every time a camera is pointed in my direction, I give the biggest smile I can. Those pics don’t turn out so great either, but they’re a lot better than the ones I tried to avoid.

But a photo shoot is like that picture you try to avoid on steroids… UNLESS, you decide to make it fun…and UNLESS, you have a really good photographer.

Last year, I not only decided to make it fun, I also had a really good photographer. Her name is Lindsy and she not only did a great job, but we had fun in the process.

So…I’m going to let her pictures speak louder than my words and you decide if having fun is better that hiding from the camera…














AND here’s LINDSY & ME being really goofy!

So….if you’re afraid of the camera…hate to have your picture taken…try to hide when they snap a shot at events…then find a good photographer like Lindsy and have some fun in your next photo shoot! Oh…by the way…it helps if your a big goofball like me. 🙂

AND…Here’s Lindsy’s website, if you’re in the area and looking for a photographer.

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  1. LOVE the pictures! You are beautiful!! Your love of our God shows through in every picture!

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