Mirror Mirror on the Wall


What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you really know who you are?

Perhaps you have been walking through life with your head down and your tail tucked because you’re carrying guilt and shame from your past. Guilt and shame from things you have done. Guilt and shame from what others have done to you.

You’re condemning yourself and you’re allowing the enemy of your soul and the wicked whispers of others to condemn you.

When others talk about you, you feel like they are saying… Oh her? She’s the girl that was put in jail! She’s the girl that had an abortion! She’s the girl that was addicted to drugs or alcohol! She’s the girl that had an affair! She’s the girl that got pregnant when she was 15! She’s the girl that was put in a mental ward because she had an emotional breakdown! SHE’S THE GIRL THAT… (you fill in the blank)

But I’m here to tell you, sweet sisters, that you if you are IN CHRIST, you ARE FORGIVEN! There is NO CONDEMNATION! You have been SET FREE! You are no longer held captive to who you were and the sin that placed shackles on your heart!

No longer is your life about who you are, but now it’s about WHOSE YOU ARE.

JESUS breaks the CHAINS of sin, of guilt, of shame, of inadequacy, of fear, of failure, of dependency, of bitterness, of jealousy, of addictions, of insecurities, of everything that has held you captive.

So, what do you see when you look in the mirror? A daughter of the king or a wounded  woman who feels unloveable, unworthy, inadequate and invisible?

Does what you see in the mirror, really reflect the reality of who you are in Christ?

Shouldn’t it?!

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  1. Great! We ought to behold in the mirror and see who Christ Jesus has made us. 1 Corinthians 1:30 throws more light to who we are now.


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