The Courage to Do More than Dream


Tucked deep in the heart of every believer is the dream to do something MORE. We were created for more.

Two years ago my one word for the year was MORE.

It’s a word that covers a lot of territory so I wasn’t sure why. But God took me on a journey through His Word and showed me that implanted deep within each of our hearts is an insatiable need for MORE.

Not in a discontent with what we have kind of MORE. But for MORE of GOD! MORE from GOD! And MORE for GOD!

MORE! It’s what we were created for.

But the  distance between the desire for MORE and the courage to do MORE than dream is often as big as the ocean, yet as small as a mustard seed.

You see, there is a bridge that must be crossed before the MORE you dream about is more than just a dream.

It’s a bridge called faith. Trusting God for what you cannot understand…what you cannot possibly accomplish…and what you cannot really even fully explain.

The bridge of faith that will take you to the place of MORE of Him is found in the secret places of your heart where you yearn to touch the hem of His garment, to sense the power of His presence, and to bask in the beauty of knowing Him.

Oh how can it be that a mere human being could revel in a relationship with the God who spoke this world into being? How could a conversation exists between the Creator and the created? How could we possibly approach this all-powerful, all-knowing, self-existent, eternal God? How could we cry out to Him with our deepest needs, our greatest fears, and our most pressing frustrations? 

MORE of Him is found in that place where we intentionally press into His presence knowing that it would be absolutely impossible apart from Jesus Christ. OH, for MORE of Him!

MORE from Him is what we long for yet know we don’t deserve. How could we possibly ask God to bestow blessings when our lives are such a mess and our hearts can be so hard…and so cold…and so distracted. It’s the place where we long for the Lord to show up in the middle of our mess. The place where we are desperate for the Lord to intervene where we need Him most.

To show up and answer our prayers – to answer our needs before we ever even know we have them – to be the One who  cares when no one else does, who knows us like no one else does, who sees us when we feel invisible, who defends us when we can’t defend ourselves, who provides for us when we have nothing left, and who loves us when we feel absolutely unloveable. 

MORE from Him is that exceedingly, abundantly that He promises, yet it’s the thing we hesitate to ask for because guilt gets in the way…or it’s the thing we tend to expect because our pride places on a self-made platform that we know we don’t deserve.

So, how can we ask for MORE from God when we know we don’t deserve it and when it may make us feel selfish? JESUS. Because of Jesus, we can go to God with every need, every fear, every doubt, and every God-given desire. He tells us to bring everything to Him in prayer. And because of JESUS, we can petition the One who delights in doing MORE than we can imagine.

MORE for Him is what we long to do for Him who plants the seed of purpose in our hearts. It’s knowing He has called us to step out in faith and accomplish what we could never accomplish on our own to assure that ALL glory goes to God. It’s that seed of a dream He placed in your heart that has you shaking in your shoes yet longing to step out into the place of faith and walk on the water of the calling He has placed upon your life.

It’s that longing in your heart to make a difference for such a time as this. The yearning you have to leave a legacy of faith, to pour your life out for others, to serve God in your generation – to change the world.

MORE for Him means you must live beyond yourself and completely dependent up God. MORE for Him means you will never be able to do it alone and that He alone will get the glory. MORE for Him will be hard, uncomfortable, scary. It’s the place where you take the next step even though you know there’s nothing there. You know you can’t do it…that’s it’s completely impossible apart from JESUS! But you also know that JESUS changes everything.

And so you step into your God-given identity and trust Him to glorify Himself in and through you because you know that if you don’t, you’ll never fulfill His perfect plan for your life and you’ll never know ALL He wants to do through you.

OR, you don’t say ‘yes’ to God’s invitation to step into His plan for you and you spend the rest of your life wondering why you left fear paralyze you and prevent you from doing what God has called you to.

MORE…it’s what God calls us to.

MORE of God.

MORE from God.

MORE for God.

All because we were meant for so much more!


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