Exciting News about How YOU Can Change the World!


Hey sweet friends! I’m just bubbling over and I’ve got so much I want to share with you about what God is doing right in our very midst! And I also want to ASK YOU FOR YOUR HELP to change the world ONE MOM at a TIME!

Last week, I flew out to California and met with the team at Regal Publishing and I have to tell you that I was absolutely overwhelmed by how much I immediately felt like part of the family there! Our hearts beat in unison with a passion to know Christ and make Him known… to reach people with the Gospel and teach those who know Him.

And I’m so honored, humbled and thrilled that God brought us together and that Regal will be publishing The Making of a Mom… AND…IT’S DUE OUT ON JULY 14TH! 


And lookie at the cover! Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?! 🙂

SO…the exciting news is that I met with Regal and they are working diligently to have The Making of a Mom in YOUR hands on July 14th!

If you’re a mom, The Making of a Mom will meet your right in the middle of your mom journey and to not only lay of foundation for what biblical motherhood looks like in real life, but it will help answer the deep questions of a moms heart“Am I enough?” “Will I ever get this right?” And, “How can I NOT mess up my kids when I’m such a mess?” It will also instill the confidence in you to know that you are deeply treasured by God and that you were not meant to make your journey alone.

And if you’re a ministry leader, a small group leader or a woman who is ready to step into her Titus 2 shoes, you can be part of changing the world one mom at a time by mentoring a mom….by beginning a M.O.M. Group in your church, in your community, in urban areas, in juvenile shelters, in homeless shelters, and in crisis pregnancy centers.

The Making of a Mom has Planning Guides for different mentoring venues, information about how you can begin a M.O.M. Group in your community, and questions at the end of each chapter to serve as conversation starters.

It’s time for the church to make mentoring missional, and so I’m asking you to JOIN ME! 

SO…If we are going to make a difference in THIS generation…we must do it NOW! And if we can reach the moms of this generation, we will reach the heart of the next generation. But if we don’t, we may just lose them all. I hope you sense the same urgency and passion to make a difference for such a time as this as I do!

Here’s 3 ways you can HELP:

1. REGISTER NOW to begin a M.O.M. Group ~ you can click this link and/or email me at stephanie@themominitiative.com and we will get you signed up to be part of the M.O.M. Group team so you’ll be ready when The Making of a Mom comes out.

2. Be part of the TMI Prayer Team ~ We are praying for the salvation of the souls of moms and their children. It’s why we exist as a ministry, and we are looking for serious prayer warriors who are willing to be laborers in the field and seek our Father’s face for the souls of this generation of moms and the generations to come. You can email me with your name and email address and we will send you more information. stephanie@themominitiative.com

3. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE ~ You can help multiply the reach of missional mentoring and The Making of a Mom by being part of our “A” Team by sharing on your blog, and/or your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. If you want to be part of the “A” Team, please email me at stephanie@themominitiative and as soon as I have more information from the publisher, I will send that info to you.

SOOOO…are you tired of convenient Christianity? Ready to change the world? Ready to mentor a mom? If you’re a mom, are you ready to take your mom journey with someone else? 

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  1. Can’t wait to read The Making of a Mom!

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