A Plea to the Politicians, the Media, and to Hollywood…We the American People

I posted this on Facebook after the shooting of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise and the others who were also shot (I’m sorry, but I don’t have their names yet) – but I felt that I really needed to send this beyond Facebook. It’s time that we speak up about what is going on in this crazy chaotic backwards world we live in.

Please note: I’ve rarely asked people to share a post, but if you agree with this, please share. In fact, if you agree with this, please print it out and mail it to your elected officials, to Hollywood producers and actors and singers, and to television stations, media personalities, journalists, and whoever you think might need to hear the heart of the American people.

To make it convenient, please CLICK THIS LINK for your free download of what is written below.

Dear Politicians, Media, and Hollywood – please understand that your platform comes with great responsibility. Stirring hate and division creates chaos. Remember…we are One Nation Under God and a house divided can not stand.

We, the American people, have watched what has happened to this country as it consistently and methodically tried to remove God from its foundation.

We, the American people, know this country stands in need of repentance. That means you too. This country cannot blatantly turn it’s back on God and then wonder where He is and where His blessings and protection have gone.

We, the American people, want unity…not division.

We, the American people, want peace…not political war.

We, the American people, elected you to help solve problems, not create them.

We, the American people, want strong common-sense leadership that protects our country…not squabbles about whether you think people have the right to break the laws of this land.

We, the American people, want to be able to watch television without seeing political agendas spewed, violence justified, hate embraced, and chaos excused.

We, the American people, want to live freely by our Constitution as set forth very carefully, very prayerfully, and very intentionally by our Founding Fathers.

We, the American people want to see respect for one another and responsible words and actions from those who take the stage whether politically or for entertainment.

We, the American people, are tired of calls for resistance and obstruction, and unwise and controversial tweets that stir the pot instead of speaking wisdom and strength.

We, the American people, want the media to report unbiased stories instead of looking to create scandalous headlines that aren’t based on facts.

We, the American people, expect those who are given a platform to conduct themselves with integrity, dignity, respect, and for the good of the American people.

We, the American people, are asking you… the Hollywood elite, the Political leaders, and the Media to remember why you do what you do… because we, the American people have applauded your well-skilled craft, elected you to office, and invited you into our living rooms to hear what you have to say.

We, the American people, are asking you to behave yourselves like responsible, respectful, and patient adults.

We, the American people, still believe we are one nation under God and that we are endowed by our Creator with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We, the American people, expect you to believe that too.

We, the American people, expect you to behave in a way that teaches young people how to listen to other’s points of view with respect…even if you respectfully disagree.

We, the American people, expect you to seek peace and truth, not create chaos and spew lies.

We, the American people, are praying for each of you and want to see you fulfill your God-given destiny.

But you, Hollywood, Politicians, and Media, must care enough about us, the American people, to take responsibility for the platform you’ve been given and do what you are there to do for the good of the American people.

  • Think before you speak…
  • Consider consequences before you act…
  • Pray before you take the platform…

Because we, the American people, are desperate to see America continue to enjoy the freedoms we have been blessed with in this country…to be the land of the free, the home of the brave.

People have fought and died so that we could freely disagree, but the freedom to disagree comes with the responsibility to do so civilly with honesty and integrity.

So, be brave enough to consider we the American people before you say or do anything – and remember, our freedoms came at great cost, therefore, your platform comes with great responsibility.


  1. Stephanie, thank you for your wise words to our nation, our congressmen and women, and to everyone who has the privilege to live in America. May God’s people hear your words and be driven to their knees in repentance. Then, and only then, can God hear our cries and heal our land…when His people humble themselves and turn from their evil ways.

    • Amen and AMEN DiAne! This nation has got to repent, seek God’s face, and pray! I know Scripture tells us it’s going to get worse, but it’s so hard to watch what is going on in this world. I just pray we have a real and radical revival in this country very soon!

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