EQUIPPED: TOUGH QUESTIONS is coming in September! Sign up today to join us!

Y’all! It’s coming and I can’t wait for us to dive into the Word of God together!

My heart is full and my mind is swirling with the majesty and magnificence of God. You just can’t dig deep in the Word for even a second and remain the same.

And I’m inviting you gals to join me in the Word for 12 weeks…and be sure to invite your friends to join us too!

An important tidbit:

In order to have he book ready for my church’s small group semester and for our online study, I’m releasing the pre-edited version for our pilot study. SOOOO…this is a pre-edited PILOT Bible study – AND your input will be appreciated.

If you see any grammatical mistakes (and I’m absolutely sure you will), I’d be oh-so grateful if you’d shoot me a quick email and let me know.

Here are some details to help you get your sweet little self prepared and be part of this pre-edited PILOT Bible Study launch:

  • Start date for the online study is Monday, September 11th.
  • Start date for the live small group study is Thursday, September 14th.
  • Be sure to join our Facebook Group.
  • We’ll have a live Facebook chat every Monday evening at 9pm starting September 11th.
  • Be sure to invite all your Bible study girlfriends to join us. They’ll need to subscribe to my website and to the Facebook Group too!
  • Also invite your unchurched and/or unsaved friends! This study is designed to answer questions from the Bible that many who are unchurched and/or unsaved have been asking.

Pretty easy peasy, huh?! 😉

Oh, and take a look at the chapters we will be covering and start praying about who you can invited to join us.

People are looking for answers and it’s God’s Word and God’s Word alone that gives the answers our hearts long for.

1.    Why Do We Need to Know What the Bible Says Anyway?

2.    What’s Eternal Life and Is Eternal Security Biblical?

3.   What About Judgment, Hell, and Heaven?

4.   What Does the Bible Really Say about LGBTQ & Modern Day Morals?

5.   What About Immigration, Patriotism, and Racism?

6.  What Does the Bible Say About Women and Feminism?

7.   Is It Okay to Drink, Smoke Pot, or Do Drugs (Pot, Prescriptions, & Addictions)?

8.  What’s Biblical About Work, Responsibility, Entitlement, and Welfare?

9.   Which One Is Right…Calvinism and Arminianism?

10.   If God Is Good Why Is There So Much Suffering?

11.  What Are Some Verses and Concepts that Christians Get Wrong?

I’m working hard to serve you in the Word and I would love it if you would take a few minutes to pray for me. As you can tell by the topics, Tough Questions is going to get some tough feedback.

The Lord has already started preparing me for negative comments and criticism.

But God’s Word is truth. 

And this study is about getting God’s Word on the hot topics of today’s current culture. So, I’m prepared. But I would be oh-so thankful for your prayers!

If you have any questions, please be sure to share them in the comments.

Can’t wait to get started with you soon! 


  1. looking forward to starting a MOM group

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