What Does the Bible Really Say About LGBTQ & Modern Day Morals? (Chapter 4)

Few topics sizzle sentiments like this one does. It’s high on the cultural and social agendas of our day and taking ground at warp speed.

Some twenty-plus years ago, we were told it was coming. A new normal our nation would be forced to embrace. Modern-day morals that mock morality and sexual freedoms without restraint would soon be widely accepted and even applauded.

That day is here. That time is now. And we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of a cultural moral crisis that insists that we acquiesce.

It’s not just Hollywood and special interest groups pushing this progressive plan. Politicians, corporate giants, and college professors are touting loud this liberal way of life.

Even edgy pastors are proclaiming from pulpits that pretty much anything goes.

But what does the Bible say about this hot topic? Is hooking up no longer a transgression? Is God okay with couples living together instead of marrying? Is homosexuality a sin? Is transgender real? What does God’s Word say about the morality the 21st century is championing?

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