God created you. He watches you. He knows and understands you.

God created, sees, watches, knows and understands you

Have you ever felt alone? Like nobody really saw or understood you?

It’s easy to feel alone in this great big crazy world. Easy to feel displaced or disregarded.

Sometimes we even try to take on a completely different persona to try to fit in or to be someone we think others will accept or like more than they do the person that we really are.

But the One who created us is the One who not only sees us, but knows and understands us, as well.

We don’t have to become someone we’re not to get others to accept us.

We don’t have to ever feel unnoticed or insignificant because the One who created us on purpose and for a purpose has purposed our existence and has placed unparalleled value on each of us. So much value that He sent His only Son to die so that we could live abundantly on this planet and eternally with Him.

Don’t allow yourself to be defeated by thoughts that are not deep-rooted in Truth.


God tells us in Psalm 33:13-15 that…

The truth is… God looks at and sees you. (Verse 13)

  • Looks in the original language (nabat) means He regards… He pays attention to – you!
  • Sees in the Hebrew (ra’ah) means to watch, discern, distinguish, gaze upon. He watches you… all that you do… all that you go through. He distinguishes you from every one of the billions of people who have ever existed and He fixes His gaze upon you.

He looks closely upon you! (Verse 14)

  • Looks closely comes from the Hebrew word Shagach which means that He gazes upon constantly…stares at – you!

He fashions your heart and considers and understands all you do! (Verse 15)

  • Fashions the heart are the Hebrew words yatsar (fashions) and leb (heart) – which means God divinely created the person you are with the mind, will and understanding that you have. His will is that we all submit who we are to who He created us to be. That is only possible when we surrender our lives to Christ first and then He will continually conform us to become more and more like Jesus.
  • Considers and understands comes from the Hebrew words biyn which means to discern, to observe and to understand. God not only sees you, He is intimately involved in the details of your life.

He discerns what is going on in your life and in your heart… even when you can’t. He observes you and the whole picture of your circumstances.

God’s view of you and what you’re going through is not limited…He sees it all…He sees what others are doing and how their actions are affecting you…and He understands your heart better than you do.

He stands ready to help you walk through every situation clinging to Him, trusting Him, and acting and reacting in a way that honors Him and points others to Jesus.

Questions for you and/or your group:

  1. How does the fact that God sees you make you feel?
  2. How does understanding the depth of the verbs help you grasp the depth of God’s love and care for you?
  3. Is there anything that you going through now that is causing you to doubt God’s presence or love? 
  4. How does this passage help you know He cares more than you can imagine and sees everything you are going through and all of the circumstances that are causing you pain, frustration, fear, or insecurities?


  1. Please pray for my son who has been involved for years with a young woman who has led him astray. Hes stopped going to church and is indifferent to God and our family. Everytime he gets back on track with God she comes back into his life and he leaves again.

    • Praying with you for your son! We know that Scripture warns us about people who try to lead others astray. Praying for the Lord to set your son’s heart free from the desire to be with her and that she will be completely out of his life and that your son will desire the Lord and His Word more than anything else in his life. Also praying that he will not only come back to the Lord but that he will come back to his family.

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