Have you lost your song?

There was a time when I felt like I had lost my song.

It was hard and dry and my heart felt barren. 

The kind of aching for what I knew I already had but couldn’t seem to find. 

Faith is like that. 

One minute we can believe God to move mountains and the next minute we’re wondering where He is.

Have you ever felt like that?

I have. 

But it gets more complicated when the moments become more like seasons and last longer than you ever thought they could.

Sometimes our faith is shaken because of circumstances. Things we go through can cut us to the core.

People who have hurt us.

Especially when those people are the ones we love most…

  • or the ones we trust most…
  • or the one who talk about how much they love Jesus but live as though       they don’t even know Him at all.

I’ve walked through those peaks and valleys of faith and God has sustained me in them and through them. He has been the One who is constant and faithful even when I was not. He’s comforted me in my own misery and His Word has been health to my heart.

I’ve been there. And it’s hard. But He truly has brought me up out of a pit. He did that when He saved me but He’s also done that in my journey as His daughter.

When hope seemed like a distant and fading memory, I turned to Him, embraced the promises of His Word and He restored the joy of my salvation once again.

Maybe you’ve been there. Perhaps you’re there right now.

I know it’s not easy, but if you turn your heart to Him, cling to Him, saturate your mind and heart in His Word and simply learn the lost art of abiding in Christ, you will experience His power and presence and peace in a whole new way.

Today, my sweet friend, let Him establish your steps and give you a new song! 

How can I pray for you today?

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