Penny Zeller & Her New Book, Hailee (Giveaway!)

I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the privilege of meeting my sweet friend and today’s guest, Penny Zeller, or not – but if you haven’t you are in for a treat! She is beautiful inside and out and has a very sweet and generous heart! Her love for God and God’s girls seems to shine through everything she does and everything she writes!
She’s a very gifted writer and I know she has made this, “just the facts ma’am, non fiction writer” enjoy reading fiction! Penny is not only inspiring, she is a blessing to all!

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to my sweet friend, Penny Zeller and to her new book (which I HIGHLY recommend) Hailee!
Here’s a bit about the book, Hailee:
About the book:

For years, orphan Hailee Annigan was just a ragamuffin in the Cincinnati streets, stealing food to keep her two younger brothers fed. Her thievery landed her in a home for delinquent youngsters, where her life was changed, thanks to her teachers. Now, nineteen-year-old Hailee excitedly heads to Montana to be a teacher, yet she’s still plagued by her shameful past and the fear of never seeing her brothers again.

Based on his upbringing in high-society Boston, no one would have guessed that Nate Adams would attend seminary and become a church pastor in rugged Montana. Even now, Nate’s parents refuse to put aside their own plans for his future and accept his calling.

When their paths converge, an immediate attraction draws Hailee and Nate together, even as the pressures and demands of others pull them apart. Can the unlikely pair come to terms with their pasts and face the future together?

The newly-produced book trailer for Hailee can be seen here

An Interview With Hailee (The Heroine of the Book):

Hello, Hailee, and thank you so much for talking with me today! To begin, could you just tell us a little bit about yourself? Hello, Stephanie, it’s a pleasure being a guest on your blog today. My name is Hailee Sophia Annigan. I am 19 years old and was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have two younger brothers, Reuben and Philip. I am an orphan and tended to and provided for my brothers after our parents died. My dream is to be a teacher and even as a young girl, I taught my brothers arithmetic and reading from memory from what I had learned when I attended school.

What’s one of your most interesting traits? I tend to be clumsy. It’s the oddest thing, really. I’m not clumsy if I’m running, only if I’m walking and tripping over my own feet. I’ve tripped over stairs, while dancing, and pretty much just while walking down the street. It is quite embarrassing to say the least!

What’s your favorite indulgence? My pa used to tell me I could run like the wind. So I would say my favorite indulgence is running, especially since I have a bit of a competitive streak.

What do you fear more than anything else? More than anything else, I fear never seeing my two younger brothers again. I miss them something dreadful. Now that I’m traveling to a teaching position miles away in Pine Haven, Montana, I fear Reuben, Philip, and I will never be reunited. I also fear that someone will find out about my past and it will jeopardize my new teaching position and my hopes for a new life.

Who’s your favorite person in the world (whether they’re still with you or not), and why? I would have to say my mother. She taught me so much about God and about life in general. I loved to climb into her lab and snuggle, especially during frightening thunderstorms. After she died, I wasn’t sure how I would continue on without her. I miss her dearly and would do anything to have her here.

If you could change one part of your past, undo one decision, what would it be? I wish my brothers and I wouldn’t have been orphaned. Sometimes I don’t understand why things like that happen.

A decision I wish I could undo would be to have done things differently to support my brothers after our parents died.

What is one thing that amazes you? One thing that amazes me is how the Lord never abandons us. I once thought that God left me or was too busy to care about all that was happening in my life. I’ve since learned that that wasn’t the case at all. It was me who left Him and that He is always here for us through the good times and the bad.

Thank you, Stephanie, for graciously allowing me to be interviewed on your blog. I’ve enjoyed being your guest!

A bit about my sweet friend, Penny Zeller:

Penny Zeller is the author of several books and numerous magazine articles. She is also the author of the humor blog “A Day in the Life of a Wife, Mom, and Author” ( She is an active volunteer in her community, serving as a women’s Bible study small-group leader and co-organizing a women’s prayer group. Penny devotes her time to assisting and nurturing women and children into a closer relationship with Christ. Her passion is to use the gift of the written word that God has given her to glorify Him and to benefit His kingdom. Hailee is the final book in the series, which began with McKenzie and Kaydie in Montana Skies, her first series with Whitaker House.

When she’s not writing, Penny enjoys spending time with her family and camping, hiking, canoeing, and playing volleyball. Penny loves to hear from her readers at her website, and on Facebook at

Penny loves to connect with her readers at:Her website:,
Her humor blog with movie reviews and author interviews/giveaways (A Day in the Life of a Wife, Mom, and Author),

On Twitter at

On Facebook at where she posts updates about new books, giveaways, and other fun happenings.

Book trailer:

Where readers can find her on the web: (website) (blog) (Facebook)

I hope you got a little glimpse of Penny’s heart and were inspired to connect with her through her website, Facebook, Twitter or all of the above! I also hope you will be sure to read her new book, Hailee!



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