When Our Mountain is Big and Our Faith Is Small


I LOVE that God constantly says, Do not fear, throughout the Word of God. Aren’t you?

If you’re like me, you begin to take some ground in a specific area of your faith and all of a sudden, fear rears its ugly head and you tuck your tail and run for cover.

Or we muster up that mustard-seed sized faith that we need to move mountains in our lives or in the life of someone we know and love, and then instead of courageously speaking to that mountain we cowardly mumble feeble words with little or no faith.

When our mountain is big and our faith is small, we forget our God is bigger than any circumstance we might face.

But standing strong, gaining ground and overcoming obstacles should be the way we live our lives.

Jesus says we are MORE than CONQUERORS…that we are OVERCOMERS by the blood of the LAMB and the word of our testimony.

So, today, sweet friend, I just want to encourage you…be who you are. A conqueror. An overcomer. A daughter of the King.

And the Living God is holding you with His mighty right hand. He is helping you every step of the way.

Even when you don’t see anything happening. Even when you don’t feel Him there.

The promise of His presence is not based on whether or not you feel Him. He just is with you because He said He would be…and you can trust Him.

Hang in there, sweet friend. You have nothing to fear…the Lord your God is with you every step of the way.


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  1. One day after receiving help from my church to pay bills and feed my kids, one day after losing my tablet at a busy school orientation meeting for one of my twins, one day after having a severe allergic reaction to life (ok, a mommy meltdown)….this message awaits me. God is so good. I’m mortified at having to be an outreach recipient when I center my life on being a giver. I’m exhausted trying to figure out all the appointments and things that go with job hunting and registering kids in new school environments. I’m scattered, tattered, and need it all to fall in place soon. But, God is Holy and Sovereign, Wisdom and LOVE… and he has provided for the bills, filled the gas tank, opened doors for me to follow up on, provided for the girls, and replaced what I lost. How can I do anything but PRAISE HIM

    • Keira, I’m so glad the Lord used this to encourage you today! We’ve been in what God has showed us to be a MANNA SEASON for quite a while now. It’s a hard place to be, but as we look back, we see where He has provided just what we needed, just in time. The awesome part about that is, that if we had plenty and everything was easy, we wouldn’t have been able to see Him work in such obvious ways, but it’s definitely a hard place to be! We are ready for a bit of the mountain top for a while. Just sayin’! 😉 I know you are too!

      LOVE you friend and excited for what the Lord is doing in you and through you and for you! Oh yeah…and He is SO FOR YOU!! 🙂

  2. Thank you for this word, the Holy Spirit enveloped me as I read it and even as I am typing now, to God be all the glory!

  3. It’s hard to hold on when the struggle is so big and God seems so silent. Hanging on to a promise is hard to do when we see nothing happening. But it’s when God is silent that He is usually doing the most. Great post. I needed it today. Thank you!

    • Thanks Larry! It’s in those silent times when things are so hard, but God never stops working on behalf of His children. So glad the Lord used it to encourage you today!

  4. Timely post today my friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Jehovah-shammah! The Lord is there! Always! Wonderful post, sweetie! Bless you!

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