Sometimes life makes me want to run and hide.

The decisions we face. The difficulties of each day. The heartaches, the heartbreaks, and the ups and downs of life have a way of making me want to tuck my tail and run. Or at least pull the covers over my head and hide for awhile.

How about you?

Today, I want to encourage you to take a little bit of a deeper look at this familiar verse.

The Lord give us two positives and two negatives.


He calls us to not only BE STRONG, but to BE COURAGEOUS.



I’m not sure what you’re going through, sweet friend, but I want to encourage you to let the verse echo in your heart and become your reality.

It’s what He has called you to…and He is with you every step of your journey. Whether the road is smooth or paved with potholes…He is with you. Whether the sun is shining brightly in your life or you are walking through a storm…He is with you. Whether you’re in a barren place or in a place of plenty…He is with you.

He is with you wherever you go.


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  1. Such a simple post, and exactly what I needed this morning. Thank you for your encouragement and for sharing a straight forward and powerful message that I can easily take with me today. I am afraid. But Christ is right here, leading me – dragging me when I need it – through this storm. Blessings!

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