EQUIPPED: Tough Questions – What Does the Bible Say About Women & Feminism? (Chapter 6)

Women. You’d think that since I am a woman, I’d be ready to dive in head first. But let’s face it, it’s definitely a deep subject for a shallow mind. I’m just oh-so glad that I don’t have to rely on my opinion about how to approach the vastness of the variety of women’s issues that we face today.

God’s Word has got this.

The thing is, before I ever pop open the pages of Holy Writ, I’m absolutely sure that this study about women may ruffle some modern day feathers. Mine included.

But, if we sincerely understand that the One who ordained and purposed our existence is the only One who has supreme authority to define it, then we will swallow our personal girl-power pride and embrace what is true.

He’s the Potter. We are the clay. He’s the Creator. We are His creation. We are His to define.

There is a gamut of women’s issues I would love to cover, but rather than use women’s issues as are our springboard into the Word, we are going to use the Word to springboard into women’s issues.

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  1. Allison Dillaberry

    I learned so much from this lesson about my identity in my home, society, and in the church. Thank you for this wonderful detailed and scripture- based examination of women’s roles in the Bible.

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