EQUIPPED: Tough Questions – Is It Okay to Drink, Smoke Pot, or Do Drugs? (Chapter 7)

Our Christian culture beckons emboldened behavior that questions traditions and embraces trends. Our positions and perspectives are often filtered through the lens of hipster hype and modern moral mores.

Challenging the status quo is a brave and often noble way to filter foolish folklore from rich and deep biblical traditions. But reluctant rejection of the true and noble and right creates chaotic confusion in fallible and flawed human hearts.

Whether we’re talking about drinking, smoking pot, or doing drugs, it’s pretty much all the same thing. 

Each alters our ability to think, perceive, control, act, and react. But as someone once asked me, why is that necessarily a bad thing? Does the Bible say we aren’t supposed to drink or get high? 

People are often looking for a, “Thou shall not” when God’s Word directs our lives not just by precepts but also by principles. This study will show you the difference between the two doesn’t lesson the truth of either.

So, let’s do what we are in this study to do. Search the Scriptures together and find out.

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