The Chase ~ We Were Created to Chase

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Hey sweet friends! Today, I’m starting a series called The Chase!

We all chase a myriad of things. If you’re a momma, you know all about chasing things! You probably spent an hour this morning chasing down your kids and chasing after them to clean their rooms and put their toys away.

But everyday, we all are chasing something.

We chase dreams,

we chase peace,

we chase purpose

we chase hope

we chase love

we chase acceptance

we chase joy

we chase God

we chase fame

we chase fortune

we chase satisfaction

and we even chase lies

We are all chasing something.

Join me on this six post journey as we discover that the very thing we are chasing is designed to drive us to the arms of God.

What are you chasing? Right now…what is it that your heart is pursuing?

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  1. I have to say I am chasing a more healthier me. I must admit, I am discouraged about it. I reach it, grab hold, and then fall. I pray and include in my devotional time..but my faith falters and I stay in this circle. I need to quit taking this defeated feeling, but the words are easier said than done! Strength I guess is the real chase, to become the person God and my family desires and needs!

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