Captain of Salvation

 For it was fitting for God [that is, an act worthy of His divine nature] that He, for whose sake are all things, and through whom are all things, in bringing many sons to glory, should make the author and founder of their salvation perfect through suffering [bringing to maturity the human experience necessary for Him to be perfectly equipped for His office as High Priest]..”
Hebrews 2:10 (Amplified)


The only time this title is found in Scripture is in Hebrews 2:10. It comes from the Greek phrase, archēgon tēs sōtērias, meaning Captain, Prince or Author of Salvation, Rescue or Safety.

Jesus is the Captain of our Salvation. He is the Prince of our Rescue and the Author of our Safety.


If you’re a mom, you know that there is a lot of pain involved with giving birth.  But, you also know that when each precious baby makes their debut into this life and breathes their first breath, the pain is the last thing on our smitten minds.
Suffering is a necessary part of birth but it is SO worth it.
Jesus had to suffer unbelievable pain – pain beyond anything we could ever imagine – in order for you and I to be born again into the family of God. 
Hebrews 2:10 is a beautiful reminder that Jesus is Author, Prince, and Captain of our salvation. But our salvation came at great price. It was through the suffering that Jesus chose to go through that enables you and I to experience, not only eternal life, but abundant life as well.
The eternal life you received when you were born into the family of God began the moment you were saved.
John 5:24 tells us, “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears My word and believes in Him who sent Me has everlasting life, and shall not come into judgment, but has passed from death into life.”
Sometimes, life gets crazy… even down right scary. Sometimes, we don’t know how to handle things that come our way or how we’re going to get through another day.
We live in an uncertain world and uncertainty almost always causes anxiety.
But we don’t have to be afraid. In a world full of uncertainty, our hearts can find rest in the certainty that the Captain of our Salvation chose to suffer and die so that we could have eternal and abundant life.
Embrace that which Jesus suffered to give you…
  1. Eternal life ~ He paid far too high a price for you to die without Him.
  2. Abundant life ~ He paid far too high a price for those who have received Him to live defeated lives.

He is the Captain of your Salvation. Get in the boat of His salvation and then enjoy the ride, sweet friend. The Captain of your Salvation is at the helm and He has everything in control. Even the winds and the sea obey Him.


  • Praise Him for who He is the Captain of your SalvationThe One who is the means by which you are saved. You and I would be hopeless if Jesus didn’t choose to suffer in order to save us.
  • Thank Him for being the Captain of your Salvation. Your eternity and my eternity… and the eternity of all who have ever lived, would look very different if Jesus didn’t choose to come and be the Captain of our Salvation.
  • Confess and repent of any disobedience to or disregard of the Captain of your Salvation.
  • And just take a few minutes to listen to this beautiful song. Allow yourself to bask in the beauty of knowing the Captain of your Salvation and worship Him for who He is.

If you can’t view this in your reader, please click this link.



    • Create a “Knowing God More” Journal. Write out what you learn & how God speaks to you.
    • Write each name on a 3 X 5 and meditate on them throughout the day.
    • Contemplate the significance of the name or title in context.
    • How does that name or title relate to you?
    • How can you honor Him more as ______________?
    • In what areas have you seen Him be ______________ in your life?
    • How can you pray to Him by this specific name or title?
    • How can you pray His specific names or titles over your husband, your children or those you know and love?
    • Use a Bible Dictionary and Commentaries to help deepen your level of understanding. 

What did you know about the Captain of your Salvation before today? How has this helped you know Him more? 

Thanks for joining me in this journey to know Him more!!! Please be sure to share any comments or questions you might have! 

Eternally His,


Phil 3:7-14


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